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serving fairfield county, connecticut

Floral Recycling | Flower Again | Fairfield County, Connecticut

Through the delivery of recycled floral arrangements, Flower Again will inspire hope and happiness for those who would welcome an unexpected gift and a lift of spirit.


Once the event is complete, a Flower Again volunteer will pick up your arrangements from the venue and take them away.

repurpose + deliver

From there, the Flower Again team will sort your flowers and create new individual arrangements in vases for delivery to brighten the day of others.


By giving your flowers a second life, you are reducing waste in landfills. Instead, you are bringing joy to someone else through a gift of repurposed flowers.

Our Process

How We Work
Ways to Give

support our mission

We gladly accept donations.  Your contribution to Flower Again will spread joy to those in need and will give all floral donations a second life.

You can sponsor joy by making the following donations:

Choose to give your flowers a second life, guaranteed to make someone smile


We accept donations of small vases and mason jars


Thank you to our generous donors that help us spread joy



Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, medicine for the soul.

- Luther Burbank

Our Story

joy is more rare than
it needs to be

Flowers are precious and fleeting. We rescue them after their first use, repurpose them in small bouquets and when they're wilted, we return them to the earth in our compost pile.

Joy is more rare than it needs to be. We increase the world's supply by delivering arrangements of repurposed flowers to those who could use an extra dose of God's grace.

Learn more about the work underway at Flower Again.

Floral Recycling | Flower Again | Fairfield County, Connecticut

Notes of Joy

"I want to tell you again how much this meant to the patients, all of who are in a locked unit and feel distanced from life. Showing them that there is a little beauty and love in the least likely of places is a true gift."

follow along as we spread joy to our community


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